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Restaurant Otar

Restaurant OTAR led by an experienced chef Alena Jurková offers a simple selection of traditional and international dishes with an emphasis on quality materials and workmanship. The friendly staff will help you with the selection of our wine card.

Due to the variability restaurant space is used for various social events such as:

  • corporate parties
  • private parties
  • birthday celebrations, graduations
  • weddings
  • press conferences
  • trainings, presentations

In case of interest please feel free to contact Event Managera- Lenka Sakařova who will prepare with her team everything according to your needs and wishes.

We look forward to your visit.

Tomatoes with mozzarella, pesto and balsamic vinegar

100g/ 88,-

Shrimp cocktail with toast

 100g/ 88,-

Cheese plate (Edam, blue cheese, camembert)

100 g/ 88,-

 Sausage plate (ham, salami, sausage)

 100g/ 88,-

 Soup of the day

 0,33 l/ 45,-

Gnocchi with spinach, sprinkled with cheese,

cream sauce

 250g 124,-

 Penne (leek, mushrooms, curry)

250g 124,-

Fillet of trout with almonds

 200g 179,-

 Grilled salmon on spinach

 200g 189,-

 Grilled salmon with pesto sauce

 200g 189,-

Penne with salmon and dill

250g 179-,

Chicken chili mix

 200g 155,-

Chicken BANANA ( onion, curry, banana )

200g 155,-

Chicken steak with tomatoes and mozzarella

 200g 169,-

Chicken breast with pear and blue cheese

 200g 155,-

Chicken breast with blue cheese and almonds, cream sauce

  200g 169,-

Chicken skewer with ham and cheese

 200g 155,-

Fried chicken breast, lemon

 200g 149,-

Pork steak with mushrooms, cream sauce

 200g 175,-

Grilled pork. Steak on beer with onion

 200g 165,-

Pork medallions with feta cheese and olives

 200g 180,-

Spicy pork mixture (onions, peppers, leeks, chilli)

 200g 165,-

Fried pork steak, lemon

 200g 159,-

Marinated grilled pork

 250g 230,-

Grilled steak with garlic

 200g 270,-

Steak, ham eggs

 200g 270,-

Pepper steak with cream sauce

 200g 280,-

Steak with green beans and bacon

 200g 275,-

Rumpsteak, vegetable garnish

 300g 290,-

Pork tenderloin in pepper on spinach

 200g 195,-

 Medallions of pork (ham, cheese, eggs, mushrooms)

 200g 195,-

Roasted pork knuckle (mustard, horseradish, garnish)

 800g 180,-

Surcharge 100 grams overweight

 100g/ 14,-

 Goulash (beef, pork, onions,

pepper, ketchup, cream, chilli )

 200g 285,-

 Chicken in potato pancake

 250g 190,-


400g 97,-

Salad with tuna

 400g 91,-

Big salad with toast and Parmesan

 400g 97,-

Mixed salad

 200g 56,-

Tomato salad

 200g 40,-

 Pancakes with fruit and ice cream


Pancakes with blueberry sauce


Hot love - berries, vanilla ice cream

egg liquer


Ice cream with fruits


French fries, potato pancakes


Fried potatoes, boiled potatoes


Penne,  rise


Mixed vegetable Couvert


DRINK CARD WILL be available on request by e-mail.

Guest opinion

Friendly staff, perfect location near to the city centre (cca 5 min by tube), good connection by public transport, perfect accessability by ...
Very good hotel near to the city center: situated in a quiet place itself but next to the subway and tram stations, and it takes 10-15 minut...


Hotel OTAR***
ul.Sevřená 1302/2, 140 00 Prague
+420 261 212 431

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